What does ofc mean ? Meaning/definition examples 2018

Everyone has now embraced and accepted the beauty and the purpose of online acronyms. It would be hard to find someone who opposes and despise abbreviated words and even if they did, there is no way that they have never used ‘lol’ (laughing out loud) or ‘ofc’. ‘OFC’ is one of most used internet slang; it is used by every age group online and while texting. ‘OFC’ can be spelled in lowercase as ‘Ofc’; both the uppercase and lowercase versions are relevant.

I am sure the reason why you are here is because you have no clue what ‘OFC’ mean or maybe you just want to educate yourself more on this word. Whether you are bit behind on this social media slangs or you want more insights regarding this word, we have your back!

We will explain ‘ofc’ in the simplest form through our classic questions and answers format.

What does ‘ofc’ stand for?

As we mentioned earlier that ‘ofc’ is one of the most popular abbreviated word just few miles behind ‘lol’ and ‘lmao.’
‘Ofc’ stands for ‘of course’. It is used as an abbreviation when texting or online.

What does ‘ofc’ mean?

Now that we know what it stands for, let’s get straight to know what it means. It simply means ‘of course’. It is used to make the text short and fast. The usage of ‘ofc’ is convenient and easily understood by the receiver of the text. Whether you use ‘ofc’ on instagram, facebook, snapchat or twitter it all holds the same meaning and value. The only place where ‘ofc’ will be interpreted differently is when it comes to medical field.

What does ‘ofc’ mean in medical ?

As we told you above, the meaning of ‘ofc’ can be interpreted differently when it comes to medical.
Here is why:
In the medical field, the meaning ‘OFC’ varies and we are going to give you a list of different definitions of OFC.

OFC – Occipitofrontal head circumference
OFC- Orbitofrontal Cortex
OFC- Orbital Frontel Cortex
OFC- Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica
OFC- Oral Food Challenge
OFC- Orofacial cleftibg
OFC- Olanzapine- fluoxetine combination
OFC- Optical Flow Constraint
OFC- Office of the Fairness Commissioner

What does ‘OFC’ mean in fan fiction?

If you have spent majority of your time on wattpad then you maybe familiar with ‘OFC’. The other place where ‘OFC’ meaning changes is in fanfictions.

‘OFC’ stands for ‘Original Female Character’. It is mainly found in supernatural fanfictions to refers to a female character that does not exist in the source but is invented by the one who wrote the fanfiction.

‘OFC’ can also mean:

Old fashioned christmas

Omega Force Clan (gaming clan)

Official Fan Club

Old Fart Clan( gaming, Day of Defeat)

This is all we got for ‘OFC’ at the moment, it may change in the future as we have said slangs are always evolving and new ones are always being created every few seconds. We hope by now you are much more aware of the different meaning ‘OFC’ holds depending on the subject. I am sure you now that the most popular one is ‘Of Course’.

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