What Does Wya Mean In (Texting/Instagram) 2019

Hey guy’s are you confused on meaning of WYA  ?
Don’t worry guy’s here I am with you to solve this query by in-depth research.
There is thousands of keywords on internet which generated daily by young generation.
Internet changes everything and dictionary words increasing day by day.
You need to connect with internet to keep updated with these keywords and their meaning.
Let’s check out what does wya means ?
Let’s dive In.

what does WYA mean with examples ?


1.WYA -where you at
2.WYA -where you are
3.WYA- where your A###
These are the usual meanings which we used in our daily life but doesn’t notice at all.
Let’s notice them and crack theirs meanings !!
 first and most interesting thing is you already know it’s meaning.
But let’s elaborate this.
you are chatting with friends and you need your friend help and you instantly type on whatsapp
bro WYA(where you at).
And another one is you get bored at home and want to chill out with Friends you pick up your smartphone and call them and ask bro WYA(where you at)
he say I am at home let’s go and chill out.
I think first WYA meaning you completely understand now.
Let’s move on to next one.
2.Wya (where are you)
You are walking on Street and suddenly some people teasing you and fight starting with you.
You take out your phone from your jeans and you call your friend and you say where are you. he say I am on market you say I am in trouble come fast.
Now he coming like hulk and beat them all in seconds.
you can use it on WhatsApp for asking where are you my friend.
Simple meaning I think no more trouble left here.
This is mostly used for teasing each other on friends.
We generally talk with our best friend and start insulting like pro.
We are king in insulting.
So use this word for funny teasing purpose.
So guy’s this is the complete in depth knowledge about wya meaning with example i think you get it everything properly.
Know you are smart enough to face it in real life or on social life.
Let’s use it and became expert on short sentence.
Let’s do it.
If you still have any query related to wya then left your query view comment.
I will solve as soon as possible.
Let’s set share.
Thank you
What Does Wya Mean In (Texting/Instagram) 2019
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