What Does Wyd Mean In (Texting/Instagram) 2019

Hey guy’s confusion huhh !!!
What does wyd mean ?
It’s too simple I don’t know why you got stuck in wyd meaning.
You already using this shortform on your daily routine life but forget to notice it.
It’s not your fault our daily routine life too much busy and stressful.
so things get out of control.
Let’s control everything why solving your wyd text meaning.
Let’s elaborate this and let’s see where we use this term in our daily routine life.
Here we go.

Wyd mean – and answer is

what are you doing ?
I know your old memories come in your mind.
Because you daily use this term with your friends,family members and with your neighbour’s.
when ever you asked some one what are you doing dude ?
he simply reply with what he doing right now.
Situation or location can be anything.
You don’t need to available physically their for asking someone what you doing ?
You can easily asked it on phone call,whatsapp,Facebook or from anywhere.
It’s too simple.
I think it’s totally defined now.
No more doughts left on
What does wyd mean ?
Let’s check out daily routine life example and finish it.
Example –
Sam – what are you doing Jack ?
Jack – nothing just time passing what about you ?
Sam – I am also time passing.
I think this funny example help you to relate your daily life wyd mean.
So guy’s this post is all about what does wyd mean ?
I hope you like this simple and easy to read guide with simple daily routine.
When we suddenly listen any short form of any full term then we unable to relate and unable to find the meaning of that actual term.
So guy’s I hope this helps you.
If you have any doughts let me know view comments.
Let’s solve from depth.
Thank you
What Does Wyd Mean In (Texting/Instagram) 2019
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